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Business and Iterative Learning.

What is iterative learning? If you don't know, then just go observe any successful entrepreneur or business person. Basically it is the process of learning by doing any process over and over, changing and adapting to obtain a specific result. AKA problem solving. Kind of like we do in the real world. In business we have to think this way or we will not survive. But in Public Schools they do not subscribe to this. Today's educators often have their students read a text and then test on the specific subject. So the highest grades are awarded to the best memorizing students. This is not only the teachers fault. Teachers follow the curriculum. (Maybe that's why so many amazingly successful business leaders quit school, which I don't recommend). The ability to memorize content is nice, but what if you need to think for yourself? Or improvise? Write a song, paint a picture? Or operate in the real world? It really validates the old notion that those who can't do, teach. Go ahead memorize all day long, I will just use Google.

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