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"Complexity is the enemy of Execution."

One of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes is "complexity is the enemy of execution." The best leaders in the world have the ability to translate even the most complex assignments to clear and understandable terms so all parties can comprehend and execute the designated tasks. Very often people use business slang, trade terms and acronyms in an effort qualify themselves at a higher level. This typically back fires and nothing gets done other than frustration and missed assignments. It's imperative that we understand the audience we are speaking to and use language they easily understand so your message is successfully conveyed. This is very different than simply "dumbing down" a topic. Remember if you are trying to motivate people and help them meet the team goals, comprehension is imperative. Overly technical terms of communication will often backfire and will often come across as Chinese. Unless you are working in China, I recommend keeping simple.

Keep it simple and communicate effectively

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