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Dunkin Brands Next Gen Construction Seminar.

PCM CT is proud to have been invited to the Dunkin Brands National Construction Seminar in Boston MA on October 22. The conference was hosted by the Director of Construction, North Atlantic Region. The Dunkin Brands team clearly outlined the "transformation" the brand is about to undertake. Not merely new builds or remodels but complete trans-formative changes in design. This advancement is directed by the company's new CEO David Hoffmann and will be a total game changer. Many national brand vendors were present to support the design changes and showcase products that are new and will be implemented. All these projects will be comprehensive and fast tracked. PCM and our team is prepared to support these types of design on the go, fast paced builds nation wide for the Brand and look forward to working on this exciting new transformation.

Dunkin Brands Headquarters Boston, MA

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