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When we discuss efficiency what we really mean is being organized and doing more with less. Efficient people get more accomplished in less time. When they say a MLB pitcher is being efficient they mean he is using the least amount of pitches to get the most batters out. When a car is more efficient it goes further on less fuel and overall cost. Why not work on being more efficient with everything we do? Don't just work hard, work hard on being efficient. I hate when people ask, "Are you busy?" Who cares if I'm busy. My dish-washing machine is busy. Is that impressive? How about, we are being efficient with our time and resources and focusing on getting more done with less and that will benefit our customers as well as our interests. Sometimes the best lessons can be learned by observing what does not work. Go visit any local government agency and ask if they are being efficient! Then wait for the long pause.....

Be organized, be efficient!
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