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Everyone wants to go to Heaven, But nobody wants to die.

The fact of the matter is everyone knows what they want but are not interested in the work and sacrifice required to get there. We see it everyday. People honestly feel that they showed up therefore they are entitled to whatever it is they seek. I wish it was that easy. I would show up for everything. Hard work, sacrifice and the long term commitment to your work is whats required. There are no short cuts and it will be painful. Not to mention the set backs that will come. Watching post season baseball this week stirs many thoughts. I write this while my youngest son gets his elbow operated on. He switched from right handed pitcher to left handed a few years back as a result of a birth defect that made his right arm hollow and prone to brake often. After a tremendous amount of work a miracle occurred. He made himself a lefty pitcher and is one of the best. He has always been passionate about baseball. Now he has a cyst on his left elbow tendon. How's that for another random setback. Should he switch back to righty? He is almost 16 now. I bet he comes back stronger than ever as a lefty. That's how he's made. That's the example we all need. How about you. Here's a pic of Mike at 8 year's old with 2 friends shortly after he was diagnosed. Mike's the one in the middle.

Pablo Sandoval Mike and Hanley Ramirez
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