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"Hope is not a Strategy."

Vince Lombardi coined this phrase not long ago. Or at least he ripped it from some place else. Regardless, it's meaning is as valid today as it was then. As a person with faith in something greater than myself, I know only too well how influential and essential having faith in something greater than yourself is. But, it's not enough. A well organized plan or road map that is ever changing is required to reach any sizable goal. The law of attraction is a real thing and needs to be recognized as such. Constantly searching for answers to problems and reading books that can move you towards your goals are required. Simply writing down and reviewing your goals is a valuable tool. We have a huge vision board in our office that acts as our central location of what the hell is going on around here. When you see it in black, white, red and green it seems to take on a meaning of its own. All the content can be reviewed and manipulated as need be. We are all simple animals and seeing things in writing seems to make sense out of chaos. I believe that is where the seeds of inspiration are planted. Although hope may not be a strategy, you can always hope for a strategy.

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