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If you want something done right...make a list.

I can't possibly stress the importance of being detail oriented. On complex construction projects or even basic programs it's beyond important that someone has a firm grasp of the smallest of details. It's usually these tiny details that make or break your project. It boggles the mind the lack of importance that goes into wrapping your head around the minor details and taking ownership of your actions, or lack thereof. To this day people still just go to work and wait for someone to tell them what they should do next. They are just another cog in a wheel. Imagine if your heart surgeon thought that way. Everyone should take owner ship of their work and have pride in their accomplishments. That's what separates workers from Linchpins. FYI, (linch-pin, noun. a person or thing vital to an enterprise or organization.) We need more Linchpins, or at least people who can make lists.

Pelletier Construction MGT Project Conventional Steel Frame and Cold Formed Steel Assembly

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