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Onsite communication is critical!

This video inspired these thoughts. The ability to hear is one thing, but effective communication is critical. Many fall short it seems, so I have developed these super helpful strategies. Here are 5 bullet points I have found helpful when attempting to be an effective communicator on construction sites or anywhere you find your not being clearly understood.

1. Make sure the person your speaking with is paying attention. (No cell phones)

2. Speak slowly and clearly in an easily audible environment where no blasting or demolition is taking place.

3. Clarify the language you will be using in advance. (English, Spanish, Swahili, whatever)

4. Make sure your not indicting the other person for something they just did wrong. You don't want to make someone defensive for destroying someone else's work, right?

5. Make sure what your saying is important. Remember, hearing is not understanding. If they think you are being sarcastic or cynical, show them this blog post as a professional courtesy. Then Google "Empathy."

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