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Price, Quality, Speed: Pick 2

If you believe that these 3 factors can coexist in a construction project then you truly do not have a firm grasp of reality. You can attain the most competitive price and demand speed but it will be at the sacrifice of quality of the end product. Humans are not able to provide these 3 factors within the confines of a single project or product. Apply this concept to any of your projects and you will start to see its accuracy. Run this by any vendor or sub contractor and you will quickly see the truth. How can any company provide the utmost low price, highest quality and fastest cycle time? Not possible. This does not only apply to construction but a great many things. You can demand your new Ferrari be the fastest and the highest quality car and you will probably get it. But you will sacrifice the lowest price automobile. A Hyundai will be a far better price and have high quality but will not have the speed of the Ferrari. Setting expectations up front is essential. Educating the customer or end user should be our priority so we can find a middle ground and meet project goals that are realistic. Otherwise you are just wasting time, which is only thing I can't get more of no matter how much you demand.

Realistic Expectations!
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