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Problem Solvers Inc.

I'm thinking of changing the name of our company to Problem Solvers Incorporated. I think that might be a little more catchy than the current name which smacks of nepotism. In reality our ability to problem solve effectively and quickly is what largely separates us from other similar organizations or other people for that matter. The people who have developed the ability to be effective problem solvers are indispensable in the world and there are far too few of them. The people who obsess over details and always sweat the small stuff usually wind up on top. Essentially, making things idiot proof is a life's work. Conversely, people who are only as good as what they are told are in jeopardy. The world has changed and the "insert person here" jobs are going away and I think for the better. In the future people and companies will be judged on their respective bodies of work or what projects they worked on and how they contributed to their success. If your contribution on the team was, "I did what they told me and then I went home?" Be prepared, in the future I will have an app on my phone that will effectively take your job.

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