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Skill Vs. Will

Which one of these 2 qualities is more valuable? It is very rare someone is born with both, although some are. There is only a few Tom Brady's in the world so the rest of us usually fall under one or the other hopefully. Although some appear to have significant natural talent they really posses a relentless work ethic. Natural talent usually shows up very early in life and many assumptions are made about an individuals future from it. Such as how bright their future can be. Unfortunately, without the hard work component much of this natural talent never manifests it's self at all. It just makes for good camp fire stores of "remember when, etc." The individuals who are either driven or forced into developing a strong work ethic seem to have more future ahead rather than behind. I personally am OK with the fact that I was born with limited natural talent, but a relentless work ethic. Where do you fall in?

Strong Work Ethic or Natural Talent?
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