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Stockpile App Improves Materials Management

Stockpile Reports, the leader in image based inventory management from phones, drones, and planes, announces a new version of its patented iPhone application leveraging Apple’s ARKit. Stockpile Reports customers can now place info signage in their quarry or on their stockpiles, as well as place 3d models of their stockpiles on surfaces such as the parking lot, their desk, the bed of a pick-up truck, or the ground at a construction site. Construction industry professionals can visualize their construction material stockpiles (e.g., sand, gravel, cement, rock, salt, etc). This enables instant viewing of real-world conditions from a remote location, displaying them on their desk, in the conference room, in the field, in the bed of their pickup truck, or in the quarry or job site. Here’s an overview with

This helps construction industry professionals know exactly how much material they have in inventory or on the job site, without having to call in the measurement crews. The app: • Enables everyone on the team to examine stockpiled material data, no matter the location • Helps to quickly resolves disputes over deliveries, shipments, and material levels.

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