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The 6 Phases of a Commercial Construction Estimate.

Is there a reason why it takes 6 months to design a multi million dollar construction project, but it only requires 2 weeks to complete the estimate? I believe I have accurately defined the mental/emotional critical path that a construction estimator feels from inception to completion that follows the hard bid path. If I missed something please let me know.

1. Enthusiasm-We just can't wait to offer pricing or services on this new project even though 2 weeks is a ridiculously short time frame.

2. Disillusionment-These plans and specs suck and don't match the owners vision, let alone budget!

3. Panic sets in- We have been awarded the project. What did we miss in our price?

4. Search for the guilty- Who or how many of you worked on this estimate and proposal!

5. Punishment of the innocent- Everyone involved is guilty no matter what the facts are.

6. Praise and honors for the non-participants- Congrats to all those who did nothing while the actual estimators are trying to get something accomplished. Regardless of results.

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