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The Pursuit of Mediocrity.

These days in construction pushing to innovate and improve your process are often met with a great deal of road blocks. More than ever. Why is it that when the status quo is challenged it's attacked like a pack of wild dogs on meat? I believe most people who are truly passionate about their work are always trying to improve. That's what makes them irreplaceable. I think of Albert Einstein as his birthday is not far off when I think of these concepts. If your a cog in the wheel of your company you would not subscribe to this notion. We run into a lot of cogs these days. People trying to lower the bar. The easiest thing in the world to be is a critic. That's why there is so many of them. Trying to knock down an idea, solution or person who is genuinely trying to improve their process or create a fantastic customer experience is easy to poke fun at. Many of these people hide in plain sight. I won't name any, but you know who you are. Remember, there never will be a statue erected in honor of a famous critic. Be part of a solution instead of a problem.

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