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The Value of Value Engineering

When designing a construction project you would think a budget/financial goal would be the first part of the discussion. But it's not. Its usually "must haves" or multiple parties giving input to squarely blow a budget out of the water only to be realized after a project is fully designed and a construction estimator has been brought in. It's difficult for an Architect or Engineer to break the bad news that your project is too expensive and not viable. Sometimes the designer doesn't even know a hard cost and just produces a plan that will never be built. That's usually when construction managers like me walk in and try to mop up. I feel like a pitcher being called into a game in the 9th and my team is down 10-0. Good Luck. Or, we can be innovative, open minded, redesign, value engineer and try to back fit into a budget. That's the heavy lifting where hands on experience and an honest conversation pays off. Not just asking questions, but asking the right questions. It seems this applies to many facets of life in general. Asking good intelligent qualified questions and then seeking the same type of answers is a lost art. That's the value of value engineering. A simple phone call to a qualified CM for some budget pricing would pay for itself many times over also.

Value Engineering=Asking Great Questions

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