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What's your purpose?

Can you identify with this question? I bet you can, or maybe you just are not being honest with yourself. When things become difficult we tend to question our purpose or if we are headed in the right direction. I think we are all constantly refining exactly what our purpose is. Honing in on a bulls eye that we my never hit dead center. I am fortunate to have found mine some years ago. I am simply a relentless problem solver who can respond quickly and who genuinely cares and takes pride in my work. I'm still constantly seeking to hit my target dead center though. That's it. Forever learning new skills and ideas is very important if you still seek your target. Learning from mistakes and never repeating them is helpful too, but, a smart person learns from his mistakes, but a successful person learns from some else's mistakes. Keep seeking your purpose. You may find it's right in front of you. When you do, get to work and do your job!

Find Your Purpose and do Your Job!
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