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Why reading is so important!

It seems all to prevalent these days that people just don't read enough. Whether its because they are too lazy or are just used to being fed content via the TV or online. Its a bad pattern to fall into and we see it all to often. Reading is a sequential process. It helps knowledge gathering and experience. It also connects the brain to tasks. Reading is done in silence and the brain is more focused when silent. It also helps people FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Life can be a very painful experience if you do not read thoroughly. The most successful people in the world are typically the most well read on a broad group of topics. Before you turn preparation into action you must first read and understand the content. Why is this fact then overlooked everyday in business and life? Sending a "read receipt" on a critical email is no longer a guarantee the other party has read and understood the directive. With all this technology you would think things would be easier. The one fact that has not changed, is the fact that in order to capitalize on all this tech and data, you must read it.....

Mat Pelletier-Principal

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