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Authenticity and Transparency in business.

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Having the ability to be transparent and authentic comes easy for some people. If you really care about your customer, friend or family member then you will come across as genuine. If you do not, then you risk looking like White Goodman. This video is a perfect example of how not to behave, especially in business. Obviously they are sarcastically poking fun at pushy, arrogant sales people/founders. Although in his pea brain he thinks he is helping his customers, clearly he is alienating them (But it's still funny as hell). A much better way to serve others is to establish their needs by finding out their problems and coming up with solutions that add huge value. Finding out "why" they want or need something is often critical and will quickly get to the core of the question. Problem solving should not always have a financial value associated with its exchange either. If you have the opportunity to help someone for no particular reason I guarantee that good deed will not go unnoticed and will be passed back to you multiple times. So don't miss the opportunity when it arises.

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