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Details Matter!

If you don't believe details matter, then why is it that the most sought after people within any given industry are typically the most focused on the fine details of their craft. For some reason human behavior prefers to pass the responsibility of handling the minutia of any project to the next person in line. Maybe its boring or just cumbersome to do so. It's true not all leaders have the time or resources to handle the details of every facet of everything or else they would just do everything themselves which is a bad idea also. That's why its critical that everyone understands the value and great importance of the fine details of any project. Imagine if your heart surgeon passed on the fine details of your procedure? You will find more than not its within the details that you will either be made or broken. We should be teaching young students to research and dissect information and train them to become familiar with the smallest of details of any project instead of just memorizing and regurgitating content teachers have been instructed to "teach."

Another Detail Intensive PCM Project
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